The 11 Types Of People You Meet In Lan Kwai Fong
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The 11 Types Of People You Meet In Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong sure is an interesting place at night.
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1) Under-age kids who look like they should really be at home getting tucked into bed by their mommies instead of holding a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. There’s no need to cake your face with make-up or walk around in heels looking like a new-born calf. It’s obvious you’re way too young and no, your photoshopped passport copy won’t be fooling anyone tonight.

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2) The guy throwing up in the middle of LKF after having way too much to drink, way too early #noshame


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3) The guy who manages to afford a ‘table’ and a bottle pretty much every week.


4) The guy/girl who swears they’re best friends with the guy with a table/bottle  – “I’ll get you guys in, don’t worry. I’m like, super tight with the dude, trust me.”.


5) Gollum.

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6) The girls who manage to not pay for a single drink the entire night and still ends up getting white-girl wasted (Courtesy of the boys, of course) . The power of poon, I guess.


 7) And as a result…. the friend who gets left behind (Someone get her on a cab?).


8) “The Lads”.

The Lads  

9) The creepy old guy. “There are no brakes on the rape train.”


 10) The drunk guy who tries to pick a fight with everyone over literally anything. Chill out, Bruce. 


11) The drunk chinese girl on a hormonal rampage. 


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