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5 “Back to the Future Part II” gadgets which we NEED!

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5 “Back to the Future Part II” gadgets which we NEED!

We’ve come very far from 1985 in terms of technology. The creators of the “Back to the Future II” movie predicted a lot of cool tech gadgets that would have been around by 2015 Engineers and scientists have been hard at work, bringing us fingerprint security systems on doors (we even have them on phones!), virtual reality headsets (Oculus Rift), and real-time video communication. What technology has failed to bring us though, are:

1) Auto-Fitting and Auto-Drying Clothes

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Imagine a jacket which you can buy off the shelves without having to try first. The instant you wear it, the jacket automatically adjusts to your size. A few moments later, it starts pouring and you are in the streets; you rush to the nearest shade and realize your jacket is all wet. And yet, bam! Within a few seconds, your jacket is dry again! You will never have to use a dryer ever again. Just choose a color & design, and you’re ready to enjoy your clothes without worrying whether you will fit them, or perhaps outgrow – or in-grow – them! A few months ago, Nike launched a pair of self-lacing shoes named ‘Air Mags‘, proving we are not far from automatic clothing!

2) Hoverboards


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One of the most anticipated products for the future has always been a hoverboard. We have all been waiting eagerly for the release of this wicked product. Hendo has already released a magnetic hoverboard, which works on iron, steel, cobalt and nickel surfaces but won’t work on streets. But soon I believe that soon enough, we will see affordable fully-functioning hoverboards which can ride on a regular basis.

3) “Garbage” Fuel

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Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use garbage from trash cans to power our cars, homes, and offices? We will finally be able to enjoy our monster electronics without feeling the guilt of exploiting our scarce energy sources.

4) 3D Hologram Movies

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3D films are definitely a thing these days, sometimes unwelcoming-ly so. Although researchers have created mini holographic projections, we cannot yet do a lot with the holographs. Hopefully within a couple of years, we will be entering cinemas waiting for holographic projectors to start playing blockbuster films!

5) Hydrating Ovens

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Turing a cookie-sized dehydrated pizza into a massive one, to feed a family of six in just 10 seconds would an impressive technological advancement. Carrying groceries would also be super easy when you can carry a week’s shopping in hand. But to be honest, science really hasn’t caught up with fantasy in this department.

If science is done right, hopefully, the next generation will grow up with the luxuries of these gadgets!

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