The 10 Best Moments That Happened Over Clockenflap Weekend

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If you’re suffering from post-Clockenflap depression like we are, a severely contagious condition likely to have infected all those within an one kilometer radius of the West Kowloon Promenade from the 28th to 30th of November, don’t fret. This article is meant to help you relive some of the most magical moments that happened during Hong Kong’s biggest music and arts festival, and relief post-event depression symptoms.

 10. When Chvrches Came On

As one of the first headline performances at this year’s Clockenflap (and a MadbuzzHK favourite), CHVRCHES certainly did not disappoint. Lauren’s haunting vocals, meshed with perfectly layered background synths, made for an amazing set, kicking off the festival on a high.


9. Basically just Tenacious D’s entire set

All I can say is…Jack Black is one hell of a performer. Tempted to rewatch School of Rock just to witness Jack Black’s crazy energy all over again.

Jack Black

8. When Rudimental went crowd surfing

A gutsy move indeed, but always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The crowd got so excited by this that one of the DJs of the group, Amir Amor, seemed to struggle to get back onto stage at one point – they just wouldn’t let him go!

Rudimental 2

7. When Rudimental got everyone to sit down in anticipation of the drop

Everyone actually did it. It was amazing. I attempted to record the moment, but was fist pumping so much nothing could really be seen…so I shall spare you 15 seconds of crappy nausea inducing footage.


6. When Lauren Mayberry tried to say ‘Ni Hao Ma’

How cute was that?! We like to think that Madbuzz had something to do with the Chinese in CHVRCHES’ set. We DID try to teach Iain from CHVRCHES how to say “we love you!” and “louder” in Chinese when we got to talk to him backstage. We do realize that Iain and Lauren are completely different people, and that neither of the two phrases have anything to do with “Ni Hao Ma”…but still. Let us indulge in our falsely sustained triumph please.

Lauren Mayberry

5. Kool and the Gang got everyone “down on it”

Their whole set was perfect from start to finish, and got the whole crowd grooving with them. Their performance escalated as it went on, and peaked towards the end when they played hit tunes like ‘Get Down on it’.

Kool and the Gang

4. Tenacious D for president?

2 kings that will rule both US and Hong Kong! But seriously, how awesome would it be if Tenacious D ran the country? I’d vote for them.

Tenacious D

3. The amazingly Chill vibes from Ozomatli

I’m sure their set had more than just me in serendipity. The jazzy tones of the trumpets were a particular crowd favourite.


2. The Vaccines ending Friday on an amazingly serene note

It was the perfect way to end day 1, and help prepare the crowd for what was to come over the weekend.

The Vaccines

1. Kool and the Gang celebrating with us

This was the moment the whole crowd was in sync. Everyone was gathered at the main stage, celebrating their presence at the festival, a festival of great music, great company and great fun. It was a truly magical moment, and one that best summarises what Clockenflap weekend is all about.


Photo credit to Kitmin Lee, Chris Lusher and Jesper Mcllory, courtesy of A-Vibe. 

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