10 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood, If You Grew Up In Hong Kong

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10 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood, If You Grew Up In Hong Kong

Because we all could do with a bit of nostalgia every once in a while.

1. White Rabbit Milk Candy

DouBan / http://www.douban.com/group/topic/41319664/?cid=510671245

To eat, or not to eat that layer of rice paper? That is the question.

2. Baby Star Snack Noodles


XiaoMoShop / http://xiaomoshop.com/goods.php?id=240

Mr Baby Star’s severe jaundice has prompted multiple serious playground discussions regarding the state of his health… he’s been around for decades now though so we reckon he’s probably fine.

3. QQ Gummies

            Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.53.02 pm
CDN Shopify / http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0700/2377/products/1579_54a0bf70007d83.69561489_29_large_85eb44f6-7018-49cb-a873-2e1dcc8a807a.jpeg?v=1435108086


Come on, baby 😉

4. Orion Fish Crackers

WashingHo / http://woshingho.com/uploadfile/20130520214835775.jpg

When in doubt, ALWAYS go for seaweed.

5. Koala’s March

Axiom Magazine / http://www.axiommagazine.jp/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/koala.jpg

Because you can’t inject chocolate into cute koalas and expect the world to not love them.

6. Belly Button Cookies

LSForum / http://upload.lsforum.net/users/public/j284644_5w72.jpg

These cute little baby cookies are literally called belly button cookies when translated from Chinese (肚臍餅).

The correct method of consumption:

1. Detach multicoloured icing from cookies.

2. Disregard actual cookie base completely.

7. Calbee Shrimp Sticks

Xuite / http://7.share.photo.xuite.net/nagatohikaru/176ec4e/6730706/267318396_m.jpg

Crackers that taste like shrimp (somewhat), and look like shrimp (somewhat).

8. Calbee Grilled Corn Crackers

Crazy Asia / http://www.crazyasia.com.au/snack-candy/chips-cookie/calbee-grill-a-corn-cracker-barbecue-flavoured

Crackers that taste like heaven (for real), and look like sh*t (for real).

9. Ginbis Happy Animal Crackers

Navi / http://imagec.navi.com/images/templates/HONGKONG/5001430/a5b45882f11493ea_S.jpg

Admit it. You’ve convinced your parents to load up on a box of these on more than one occasion, on grounds that they were educational. We know.

10. Calbee Vegetable Fries

egullet / http://forums.egullet.org/topic/20372-japanese-foods-okashi/page-4

The bag of chips that always finds itself laying there, neglected and ignored at parties… because “healthy” and “chips” are two concepts that really just do not mingle well.

Featured image taken from dessertfirstgirl.com / http://dessertfirstgirl.com/images/old/6a00d8341c1d8653ef0147e2370b87970b-pi.jpg

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