10 Things I Miss About Hong Kong

This city.
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So I’m sure many of you out there, whether you’re studying abroad or have permanently relocated elsewhere, dearly miss life back in beautiful fragrant (perhaps not so fragrant) harbour, or at least certain facets of it.

Having been away from home for more than 5 months now, I’ve compiled a list of things I miss the most when I’m away from home, out of pure nostalgia, and maybe some of you can relate.


So while here in UK we have a few Tescos, Sainsbury’s or ASDA that closes at flippin 10-11pm, which may I mention, is already considered late, Hong Kong has 7-11s scattered around literally everywhere that is usually open 24 hours a day.

Hong Kong 7-11s are simply second to none…can you get 2 beers for 12 Hong Kong dollars or a little over a pound at Tescos? CAN YOU?!… didn’t think so.


source: wikimedia commons


With a beep of an octopus card, a few flights of escalators and the sound of the MTR doors swooshing shut, you can literally be anywhere you want in Hong Kong pretty much within the hour.

I mean okay, we have the London Underground over here but… I won’t go into too much detail with it but long story short, travelling on the tube is seriously bad for your health…and I mean that literally…check out this article here to see what I’m talking about.

The MTR is the one of the best operated and designed metro systems in the world, as well as one of the cleanest. Yes, it does get disgustingly crowded at times but if you’ve lived in Hong Kong long enough, you’re probably used to it anyways.


source: wikimedia commons

The View

From the million-dollar view of the Victoria Harbour to the abundance of high rise buildings that light up beautifully at night, pictures of the Hong Kong skyline on my Facebook and Instagram feed almost bring a tear to my eye every time I see one.

The views from buildings in Hong Kong? … breath-taking.


Source: famouswonders.com

The Food

I don’t know why I even bother trying to stay on my diet when I’m back in Hong Kong. With the variety of food and cuisines you’re pretty much spoilt for choice.

Char Siu? Pork Chop buns? Egg Waffles? Dim Sum? Satay Beef Noodles? …. The list could go on but I’m just going to stop myself right there before I break into tears.

Where can I get myself some quality dim sum at 4am over here in London? Someone please let me know.


Source: usi.web.tr

Lan Kwai Fong

Need I say more?

Since I’ve turned legal this place has pretty much became my second home. I’ve tried explaining the Hong Kong nightlife to my friends over here and there’s really no way to explain it that would do it any justice. I don’t care where you’ve been in the world, partying in Hong Kong is just a different kind of thrill.

Where else in the world can you go to 5 different clubs and 10 different bars in one night and can still afford to travel back home at 5 am?

With intoxicated kids double fisting bottles of Jack Daniels and coke, there’s no other place to get loose like Lan Kwai.


Source: lifehacks.org

Wan Chai

I mean… Wan Chai does comes in at a close second.

Wan Chai Wednesdays anyone?

I’d be trying to explain to my friends here how standing on the streets with a bunch of people, getting wasted OUTSIDE the bars and clubs could be the most fun thing to do on a Wednesday night, and they’d just look at my like I was crazy.


Source: CNNGo


Forget Uber…if you’re in Hong Kong there’s taxis almost everywhere you go. It’s truly the most convenient and inexpensive way to travel.

Yes, Hong Kong taxi drivers are often rude and annoying to deal with but I mean think of how much you’re really paying to get places…not much at all!

You know how far 100 Hong Kong dollars would get me on a black London Cab? Probably down the road! (Ok…maybe it’s not that bad, but you get the point)


source: wikimedia commons

Sai Wan Rock Pools

Everytime I’m back here, I send Snapchats to my friends abroad and they’d think I was lying whenever I tell them this place was in Hong Kong.

Chilling here with some friends on a hot summer day…it really doesn’t get much better than that.

If you haven’t been here and you live in Hong Kong, I think you should re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life.


source: 35litres.com

McDonalds 24 hours delivery

4am…you’re home at night, most probably after a rough night out and you’re so hungry that your stomach starts playing dubstep?


Bam. McDonald’s jumbo breakfast right at your door with extra hash browns. Your life is now complete.

4am over here in London? Better heat up that left over kebab and pray it’s still edible.


source: wikimedia commons

A city that never sleeps

Sometimes the noise and people can get annoying, but like I said if you’ve lived here for long enough as I have, you come to fall in love with the liveliness and energy of the city.

At night, with the lights and atmosphere around the bars and restaurants, Hong Kong almost has a pulse of it’s own.

Hong Kong.. I’ll be back soon.

What do you miss about Hong Kong the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: Anton / via Flickr


  • lorenciosm@netvigator.com' Lorencio says:

    Hi, great article! You are so right about everything in HK. However, just one humble opinion. It looks like you have used a picture of Shanghai but not HK at the beginning and the end. You may consider checking it. Apologize if I was wrong.


  • cvflamenco@gmail.com' Carolina Vera says:

    Adrian your article is fabulous! You can clearly transmit your feelings… You made me tear… Thanks a lot! I left HK 3 years ago still couldn’t get over it… I leave in another beautiful city: Miami, but nostalgia it’s always with me… xxxxxlovexxxxx

  • athazagoraphobiax@gmail.com' Alyssa says:

    aw. hong kong i miss you <3 left last june, this article brought back memories yo!

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