12 Facts About Wanchai Wednesdays

Wanchai nightlife is definitely one of a kind.
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1) People spend more time on the street that in the actual bars or clubs, probably because the bars in Wanchai are usually way too small and the last thing you want is to rub against dozens of sweaty bodies just to get to order your drink (especially in the disgustingly humid summer weather).


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2) If you’ve been to an international school in Hong Kong, you most certainly will bump into someone you know at Wanchai. “Heyyy man! Heyy! Remember me? from your 10th grade math class!? no? … ok cool! Catch you later bro!”


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3) One can only stay inside the sweatbox known as Carnegie’s for so long before getting sick of squeezing past a dozens of middle-aged men with disgusting sweat patches all over their backs.



4) There’s always that one Chinese man/woman who looks like they’re in about their mid-40s, showing off some completely whacked-out dance moves on the rails in Carnegie’s. Everyone’s laughing and pointing, but the Chinese reincarnation of Michael Jackson up there is almost always too drunk to care.



5) You can always count on there being that one girl blacking out and falling onto everyone in Carnegie’s at around 1-2 am, and of course there’d be the one guy who’d come to rescue, claiming that he’ll ‘take care’ of her. Creep.



6) You’d think with so many bars around Wanchai with “cheap drink deals”, people would be in there getting shots on shots, but nope, not the case at all. Most people get the majority of their drinks from 7-11. “Club 7-11” remains the cheapest way to get smashed.



7) The second cheapest way would probably be the dentist’s chair. If you can handle it, that is.


 CNNGO/ Dan Pordes

8) Xperience is full of kids. One heck of an ‘xperience’ indeed.



9)  Beer pong is a must at Wanchai Wednesdays




10) You’re almost guaranteed to make this face upon entering the toilets by the park, whether it’d be from the smell or the sight of a toilet bowl overflowing with faeces (No, I’m not sure those toilets have ever been cleaned).




11) You never dress too nicely for Wanchai.




12) If you want somewhere to get absolutely smashed with all of your friends without anyone judging you, Wanchai is definitely the place for you as everyone else there is probably doing the same.



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