8 #tbt Photos You Really Don’t Want To Resurface. EVER.

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You don’t want thursday to come because you are not emotionally ready to flip through your old photo albums just yet.

1. You don’t want to see your old hairstyle.


2. Or be reminded of your fashion choices.


3. Or your decision to rock the glasses and pony-tail look.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.31.59 AM

4. You realize how embarrassing you once were because you simply didn’t care about how people thought of you.


5. And would not hesitate to bring your favorite toys to school


6. You would also take picture of your hands and shoes because it was considered very artsy.


7. And you certainly didn’t want to see picture of yourself holding a bottle of alcoholic drinks, Smirnoff ice or Jolly shandy specifically,  just to try hard and look cool.


Now I’m struggling whether to untag those photos or to just leave them because each picture carries a different story, emotions and memories.

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