The 14 Questions Every Indian Living in Hong Kong Has Been Asked

Clearing up your burning questions for once and for all.
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The 14 Questions Every Indian Living in Hong Kong Has Been Asked

1. Are you a vegetarian?

“No, I can eat meat. Yes, I’m Indian.” The reaction is usually hilarious.

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2. Do you go to KGV?

In all fairness, given that there is almost an international school for every school in Hong Kong, KGV is as close as it comes to an Indian International School (IIS).

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3. Do you live in TST?

Since we all happen to know one another, we must all live in the same area of Hong Kong? No, it doesn’t work like that. We’re all just related somehow instead.

4. What’s Chung King Mansions like?

I’m still unsure of how to answer this question, all I know is you get good curry there. (That’s just a coincidence!)

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5. Is curry your favourite dish?

No and it isn’t the only Indian dish either.

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6. Do you play cricket?

Well we do have the greatest cricket team.


7. Is curry the national dish of India?

8. *When you tell people you’re going out of town* How long you going to India for?

For those of us holding an Indian passport, it’s the only visa-exempt place, so we’ve got to take advantage of the convenience…we do actually go to other places though, sometimes.


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9. Do you speak Indian?

Nope and I highly doubt any of the other 1.2 billion Indians do either.



10. Why don’t you eat beef?

Cow’s are sacred. In India, when driving, there is an unspoken rule that when you’re about to crash into a car, it’s no worry, but if there’s a cow in front of you, you better hit the break.


11. Is your Dad in the diamond business?

No. Is he an engineer? No. Is he a doctor? No. Is he a lawyer? No, he’s just a regular businessman.


12. Do you have an arranged marriage? 

“No. Do you have to marry a vegetarian? No. Do you have to marry an Indian? No.” Yet again it’s a priceless reaction.


13. Studying business right? 

The assumption that every Indian has either studied or is studying business never fails to amaze me. Considering the fact that lots of people think every Indian knows each other, if we all did venture into the business world it’d be quite amazing…I mean, considering the 1.2 billion connections we’d have.

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14. Are you Pakistani? 

Every taxi driver in Hong Kong has pondered and asked this question at least once. If not a taxi driver, then the random elderly lady that you always see in the lift or around your house. The conversation normally also involves some comment regarding Slumdog Millionaire.


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