15 Fantastic Last Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

Yes, FIFTEEN ways. We folks at Madbuzz really do take care of you, don't we?
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What a year it’s been! Whether you’re chuffed about it or not, 2014 is coming to a close and we’re ready to welcome the new year – are you?

If you’re dire need of new year’s eve plans, never fear, Madbuzz is here! We’ve drawn up 15 ways for you to enjoy NYE!

A lot of these plans involve watching the fireworks that are happening in Victoria Harbour, as it is Hong Kong tradition to do.

FireworksMichael Elleray / https://www.flickr.com/photos/mike_elleray/6834861529

Starting at 11pm, short rocket displays dubbed “shooting stars” will erupt every 15 minutes from harbour-side rooftops, with the last ones flaring up at 11:45. After a 60 second countdown to midnight, spectators will be entertained with an 8 minute “pyromusical” to welcome 2015.

Victoria Harbour Vantage Points

Victoria Harbour is after all where most of the action will be – seeing as we don’t want you to miss out, numbers 1 to 8 are all about the best vantage spots to watch the sparklers.

The biggest tip we’ll give you? GO EARLY (no, seriously. The crowds will be overwhelming. Best to spend to whole afternoon, teatime included, wherever it is you plan to watch the fireworks).

1. TST waterfront (East TST MTR Exit J) – the promenade and Avenue of Stars are prime locations.

2. Central Harbourfront – *pssst!* That’s where the AIA Great European Carnival is!!

3. Central Piers 9 and 10 – the area near the quietly opened Hong Kong observation wheel.

4. Golden Bauhinia Square (Wan Chai MTR Exit A5) – a little to the East, but juts out to provide a decent vantage point:

Golden SquareInkelv1122 / https://www.flickr.com/photos/inkelv1122/7207190482

5. Hung Hom Bypass (Hung Hom MTR Exit D) – A neat perspective from Kowloon side.

6. Victoria Peak – Remember how we mentioned why you should go on a night hike? NYE’s is a good time to night hike to Victoria Peak, from where you can watch the show.

7. Bowen Road in the Mid Levels – another NYE nighttime walk you can take. It’ll be quieter, but you might be someone who prefers that.

8. Victoria Harbour Cruise – If you’re sick of jostling among crowds for a good view, or fumbling in the semi-darkness on a hiking path, you can actually be ON the harbour’s waters when the fireworks take place. There are loads of choices of rides or boat rentals, including Bauhinia’s Cruises and Saffron Cruises.

JunnnnkDrBurtoni / https://www.flickr.com/photos/84346589@N00/12248484893

9. It’s pointless, but we HAD to mention the ICC Sky100 Deck – Although tickets are sold out, the SkyDeck’s a sweet spot. If you haven’t thought of this as a place to try out, you can always save it for next year – especially as it’s a good 400m up and tickets are relatively cheap (around $210-$240 as of this year).

Where The Fun’s At

If you’re well versed in Hong Kongian ways, you’ll definitely know these classic spots – so we just couldn’t leave them out!

10. LKF – This place will be an even bigger hive of activity on new year’s eve, and every single joint will be in NYE mode (aka the biggest excuse of the year to party):

LFK SignNoel Furrer / http://commons.wikimedia.org/

11. Times Square – This year the management have, sadly, cancelled the traditional NYC-like ball drop for the first time in over twenty years. Instead, they’ll still be having 4pm-5pm live indoor concerts featuring local bands from the 28th until the 31st.

12. IFC Rooftop – This space is accessible to everyone so no monetary obligations are involved, but if you want a club/catering, RED unfailingly hosts its annual NYE bashes. Prices at the door range from $500 (entrance + 5 drinks) to $900 (entrance + 10 drinks).

NYE Extravagance

Think $900 is a little pricey? Take a look at these exclusive NYE dinners. If these events are in your range, good for you – if not, it’s never too early to start dreaming!

13. Fireworks and French cuisine, $3688 per head + service chargeThe InterContinental Hong Kong’s SPOON not only boasts swoon worthy views of the harbour (aka a top notch vantage point for the fireworks) but comes along with a Michelin starred 6 course dinner:

SpoonJanine Cheung / https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunday_driver/465770047/

14. Serenaded by celebrities at Sevva, $3880 per head + service chargeEnjoy an al fresco view from the top of the harbour, while tucking into a culturally diverse array of cuisine. Sevva adds a special touch – they will be flying in Australia’s Got Talent flamboyant contestant Valère to perform.

15. “Glitter and Gold” themed banquet, $4288 per head – The opulent Petrus, another elegant French eatery, will spoil you rotten with its lavish decor, 6 course feast and (importantly, for this night) breathtaking views of the harbour:

PetrusThe NORMAL decor already can’t get glitterier or goldener… / http://commons.wikimedia.org

Whatever you choose to do on New Year’s Eve, whether you’re out with the crowds, tucked away on a secluded trail, or surrounded by people you care about, make it a good night, because it’s bound to be a great year. We know it! 🙂

Happy 2015!

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