1600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong

Wondering why you've been seeing an army of paper-mache pandas hanging out in Hong Kong? Well... they're on tour!
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1600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong

Q: Did you hear about the party at the chinese zoo?

A: It was a Panda-monium!



Anyways. If you’ve been seeing pictures and wondering why these Panda’s have suddenly decided to migrate onto the streets of Hong Kong basically these lads have decided to pay us a visit after being on tour; travelling all the way around France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany as well as Taiwan. Being part of nearly 100 exhibitions.

A little background information: The tour was originally launched in 2008 by WWF to promote natural conservation and sustainable development alongside French artist Paulo Grangeon who crafted the 1600 pandas himself, the same number of pandas still alive in the wild and in various sizes using recycled materials.



For more details on the tour click here


So if you see these lil fellas around be sure to stop by and get a few pictures with them!