4 ways to pick up coding, quick

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4 ways to pick up coding, quick

Do you have a great idea for a game or application which you truly believe in, but have no idea how to vaguely even begin creating it? Fear not, we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources that will get you started with coding basics, whether it’s web development, mobile app development, desktop app development, or game development.


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One of the most popular free learning platforms for programming, Codecademy offers comprehensive courses in web development, Python, Java, Ruby, and also important programming tools like Git and Command Line Interface. Courses are taught via a read-and-do basis, where users read information and complete given tasks to earn badges and finally a certificate.


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Also known as the Netflix of education, Udemy offers courses in all subjects, but has plenty of coding courses, in all specializations. Although some courses are expensive, so are free, and every week, Udemy offers special promotions on select courses, with prices ranging from HK$78 to HK116. It’s a real bargain for developing an essential life skill!

Code Stars

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The highest rated programming courses (and also the most expensive ones) on Udemy are created by Code Stars, with almost three and a half hundred thousand students and tens of thousands of five-star reviews. Code Stars has created web, Android, and iOS development courses which have helped lots of alumni obtain jobs in the I.T. industry. This is definitely worth the  investment!


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Over here, courses are created for professional training by universities and tech giants, like Google and Oracle, which have many introductory computing courses. Though this is another paid course, you can still access course content for free, if you opt out of receiving a certificate of completion. Nevertheless, programming is not about gaining certificates; it’s about truly understanding the concept and being able to apply them in practical situations.


There are many other websites for coding tutorials: The Odin Project, Free Code Camp, Harvard’s CS50, Code School, Rails for Zombies, and let’s not forget about the ever handy, YouTube. It all comes down to you… do you want to be the next app developing millionaire? If so, pick up coding and begin your incredible programming journey now.

Happy coding!

Featured image: JP Wallhorn

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