5 Reasons Why Rooftopping In Hong Kong Is The Best

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With skyscrapers scattered across the city, Hong Kong is no doubt a rooftopper’s paradise. Russian rooftoppers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov recently returned to Hong Kong once again and were joined by other masked daredevils for their next adrenaline-filled stunt. With only GoPros, a MacBook, a drone, and an USB, the group climbed up maintenance ladders to hijack a billboard of a building in Causeway Bay, with footage of their adventure and a flashing “What’s Up Hong Kong?” sign.

This is not the first time the pair (or others) have taken advantage of the lax security in buildings around the world. The On The Roof duo has scaled high rise buildings from Shanghai to Dubai, and made headlines over the Chinese New Year for their hair-raising video filmed atop the Shanghai Tower, also known as the tallest building in China. And they’re not the the only ones – there is a small, but growing, community of urban explorers right here in the world’s most vertical city.

So why exactly do adventure-seekers go rooftopping when they face possible death from a 1000-feet drop?

1. The Skyline
Of course, the world famous skyline of the breathtaking concrete jungle is a must-see for tourists. But if you’ve lived here your whole life, you’d probably be bored of the same photos with the same buildings taken at the same spots. Rooftopping allows you to appreciate Hong Kong from a new, pollution-free perspective, and form a long-lasting connection with the vibrant city.



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Lawrence Tsui | Instagram: @lawrencedehk

2. The Memories
Whether you go with or without any friends, you will no doubt have a thrilling experience. Why should you pay HK$168 for the sky100 observation deck when you can go much higher, for free?

What’s more, the rooftopping scene is ever growing in Hong Kong, so you’ll be able to meet people from all walks of life who are part of the rooftopping community.

Vladimir Sidorov | Instagram: @sidorovv

3. The Atmosphere
In the bustling international city that is Hong Kong, we don’t often get breathing room for us to relax and chill out. What better way than to unwind on top of your office building – the very building that brought you so much stress? If you’re not from around here, that’s even more of a reason to observe and admire Hong Kong from above – after all, this is the city of skyscrapers! 



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Elaine Li | Instagram: @lielaine

4. No limitations
For many rooftoppers, it’s the feeling of empowerment and being on top of the world that the adventure brings. Using these rooftops as their own personal playgrounds, rooftoppers are able to capture stunning images of uninterrupted views that translate their odyssey into a thousand words – something that no book can do perfectly.



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Andrej Ciesielski | Instagram: @andrejcie

5. And of course, the thrill!
Need I say more?



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Daniel Lau | Instagram: @daniel__lau

However, before you trek up the stairs of a random skyscraper, remember that unauthorised entry is trespassing. Most rooftops in Hong Kong are private properties, so make sure that you do go rooftopping responsibly.

Watch the video from On The Roofs below!

Feature photo credit: Vadim Makhorov | https://www.facebook.com/makhorov

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