5 Signs That The Summer Vibe IS STRONG In Hong Kong

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1. Rains everyday (literally.)

Hong Kong is frequently hit by typhoons in the summer, which are total killjoys if you’re stuck indoors. And it’s not “just rain” – when it does rain, we get waterfalls.


2. Crocs everywhere.

Which brings us to point two. WATERPROOF, rainbow coloured, hole filled, foam footwear, otherwise known as Crocs, are extremely popular among Hong Kong locals. You thought Crocs would just a be fad when they came out a couple years ago? Nope. These little bad boys are omnipresent in the MTR during summer, despite how aesthetically unpleasing they are.

WSJ/ http://s.wsj.net/public/resources/images/OB-SQ517_0426sc_EV_20120419040358.jpg

3. Fans everywhere.

Hong Kong heat drives us crazy sometimes, prompting us to throw all inhibition and sense of pride away. Whether it’s on a stuffy “Ding Ding” or at an already fully air-conditioned “Yum Cha” restaurant, the locals love to carry around ultra cheap (~$20-$40), yet surprisingly powerful portable mini fans.


4. Junk party photos all over your Facebook newsfeed.

A “junk party” in the States means baller million dollar Hamptoms yacht shenanigans, but junks in Hong Kong are really rather affordable, and incredibly popular among party animals. Renting a boat will cut you back ~$4000-$8000 (depending whether you head out on a weekday or on weekends).

allthatjunk.com/ http://allthatjunkhk.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Dream-Junk-Boat-Party.jpg

5. Hiking photos all over your Instagram newsfeed.

If you are not embracing the stunning hiking landscape in Hong Kong, you are definitely missing out. Hong Kong is the city that never sleeps… because we party at night and hike in the morning. Famous for its undulating mountain trails (4 most famous ones including the MacLehose trail, Hong Kong trail, Wilson trail and Lantau trail), deserted beaches and volcanic landscapes, Hong Kong is the perfect place for a good old hike on a sunny day (when they do appear once in a blue moon).


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