The 5 Types of Instagrammers You Meet In Hong Kong

Whether it's #foodporn, #feelingmoodyattheairport, or #mylifeisfab pics, these all too familiar shots just keep spamming your newsfeed.
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1) The Harbour Whore

You’d think this person literally just hangs around one of the Star Ferry Piers, or at Ozone all day and night, because they have photographed Hong Kong’s famously photogenic harbour from every angle possible, and have applied every single possible filter (although you may see the occasional #nofilter). Sure, the views are simply breathtaking, both during the day and night, but c’mon! Not only is this getting a tad bit old, but there are so many other awesome places in Hong Kong to snap a pic of and slap on that Lo-Fi filter.


2) The Food Star

Every time some chick whips out her phone in a restaurant or cafe, and points it at the food laid in front of her, another #foodporn hashtag spawns in the social media cloud. Her money shots (pun fully intended) of the pseudo-healthy salad or macaroons with tea are cash cows for likes, and high on the success of her first #foodporn post, she will start taking photos of literally every single meal. However, you don’t really mind this too much, since Instagram has pretty much replaced OpenRice; you know exactly where to go and what to order when you’re out next time.


3) The Jetsetter 

This person always seems to be at the airport, and is always flying off to somewhere new. Their itinerary reads something like this: passport (check), boarding pass (check), neck pillow (check), a post next to the sign saying your flight destination (#check). You can’t help envy how much they travel. For crying out loud though, save the Instagrammin’ for your vacation snaps, rather than the bloody airport! 


4) The Hipster

In the midst of all the glassy and classy skyscrapers, there are many parts of Hong Kong that are perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing… at least not to the non-hipster eye. There is, however, always that segment of the population that attempts to “discover the beauty in everything.” Quite frankly, it’s utter bullsh*t, since the “beauty” part basically comes from the filters. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is with people taking photos of fish in the markets or the old folks behind the stall (who probably don’t want their photo taken in the first place). There’s a certain irony in categorizing these types of photos as “hipster,” since they exist in abundance on my feed. 


5) The Shopaholic

This person’s Instagram is one of two things: if they are poor, it’s their wish list of things they’d like to buy but simply can’t afford, or if they’re rich, it’s their newest Prada bag or their Louboutins that their daddy bought. What baffles me to no end, at least with the latter, is the fact that 90% of these photos are of these products in it’s box, or laid out on their bed, sparking my curiosity as to whether these garments are ever worn, or are simply for show. This doesn’t stop me from stalking these accounts though… I do have my own wish list after all (you guessed it! I am a member of the former group).


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