6 New Apps You Need To Download This Week

Check out these 6 new apps, available both for iPhones and Android user! The best part? They are all absolutely FREE!
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6 New Apps You Need To Download This Week

Apps on our smartphones pretty much have us covered for everything, whether it’s talking to our friends, finding recipes, or even ridiculous things such as flaunting your wealth to others. 

1. Airbnb

Category: Travel

Airbnb is a platform allowing users to book to stay with hosts who allow travellers to lodge at their place, whether it is a room, a couch, or the entire house. You can join Airbnb to either search for places to stay, or even to make a little money yourself, by offering your space up to travelers. It’s a great way to meet people from all over the world, and also a great way to earn some cash to fund your own travels!

Stand-out features: Great visuals, host reviews, wish list feature


Find all kinds of hosts, in all kinds of locations, at all kinds of prices. (iPhone screenshot)

2. Masterclass 

Category: Music

Whether you are a beginner, novice or an expert, Masterclass is the one-stop app for guitar players everywhere. From hundreds of songs to chose from to learn, as well as a guitar tuner within the app, Masterclass has got you sorted.

Stand-out features: Many free songs, “slow mo” feature


The video tutorial alongside the chords displayed visually – making learning new chords and songs very easy! (iPhone screenshot)

3 .WeTime

Category: Productivity/Lifestyle

I usually prefer the old-fashioned method of noting down appointments in a small Filofax. However, WeTime changed all that for me, since it allows you to co-ordinate effectively with others; you can select timeslots from your calendar that suits you best, send it to you contacts via email or text (they do not need the app themselves to view it), and their reply instantly updates your calendar.

Stand-out features: Auto-sync of calendar and appointments

wetimeArranging appointments just became hassle-free! (iPhone screenshot)

4. Piano Tiles

Category: Game

These days, it seems like there is a direct correlation between how simple a game is and how popular that game becomes (think Flappy Bird and 2048). Piano Tiles takes this even further, with the aim of the game simply being don’t touch the white tiles! There are many different modes of game play, so that you don’t tire out so fast!

Stand-out features: Easy to learn, six different modes


Simple, yet addictive. (iPhone screenshot)

5. Pomelo

Category: Photography

If you’re looking to up your Instagram game, look no further than Pomelo, an app that has around 70 different photo filters to choose from, ranging from “Vintage” to “Leak.” Editing photos and sharing them on Instagram takes a matter of seconds through Pomelo.

Stand-out features: Range of filter “packages,” ease to use.


Beautified with a single tap. (iPhone screenshot)

6. Quick Fit 

Category: Fitness & Health

Quick Fit consists of a 7 minute workout, with 12 different exercises ranging from jumping jacks to planks, giving you a full body work out in a short amount of time. This app is great for people who want to start getting into shape but do not have much time during the day to take out for exercise. The app also allows you to download other workout routines, such as yoga and abs workout, although most of them are paid apps.

Stand-out features: workout and weight tracker to view your progress, pace of exercises.

quickfitQuick burst exercises to get you fit and energized. (iPhone screenshot)

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