7 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for the Phantom of the Opera Live in HK

It's back.
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7 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for the Phantom of the Opera Live in HK
The Phantom of the Opera (POTO) will be returning to Hong Kong with a string of shows from 21 December 2014 to 11 January 2015 18 January 2015 (new shows added due to popular demand) at the AsiaWorld Expo Arena, and we are well excited, for reasons we shall attempt to illustrate once we calm down and stop hyperventilating.

7. It’s been a long wait.

The last time Hong Kong audiences were graced with the Phantom’s presence was in 2006. That was 8 years ago. EIGHT.

i. 8 years ago, phones looked like this.

The Verge / www.theverge.com/2013/9/3/4689034/nokia-iconic-mobile-phone-photo-essay

ii. 8 years ago, One Direction looked like this.

Football wired/ http://www.footballwired.com/blog/2011/05/22/primary-school-children-sports-day/

iii. 8 years ago, the IFC was still the tallest building in Hong Kong, and the ICC looked a little something like this.

Building On The Word/ www.buildingontheword.org/the-gift-of-dirt/

Admittedly, that epic Nokia 7600 phone was actually released in 2003, but you get our point. 8 years is a long time.

6. The cast is amazeballs.

Brad Little, Claire Lyon and Anthony Downing will be taking on the roles of Phantom, Christine and Raoul respectively, and they are all spectacular in their own right. Brad in particular, has played Phantom over 2000 times on Broadway, one of the only 4 men to have done so in POTO history. We mean, he knows Phantom so well, he could probably sing it in his sleep (that was meant to be our lame attempt at inserting a Music of the Night pun).

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.54.41 amPhotos courtesy of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions / PRO Marketing 

5. The music too, is amazeballs.

We all know the iconic haunting “THE PHANNNNN-TOM OF THE OPERA IS HERE… INSIDE YOUR MIND” from the production’s titular song, but fans of the musical will tell you that there are numerous other breathtaking numbers throughout the show. Our personal favourites include the beautiful ballad All I Ask of You and the passionately teasing Point of No Return. Major props to Andrew Lloyd Webber for being the musical genius that he is and bringing us Phantom.

POTO_Brad at Organ

Photos courtesy of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions / PRO Marketing 

4. It is a love story, yet so much more than that.

At the core of it, POTO is a heartbreakingly beautiful love story of a man who’s never been loved, an innocent young girl and a noble gentleman. While tragic at times, characters such as Carlotta, the Opera House’s narcissistic Primma donna and the Opera House managers bring a pinch of humour into the mix as the lead characters struggle between the forces of love, fear and loyalty.

POTO_Claire and Anthony Dressing Room

Photos courtesy of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions / PRO Marketing 

3. The Asia World Expo Arena is huge.

The Asia World Expo Arena will be in a special 4000 seat theatre mode to accomodate the musical. To give you an idea of just how stunningly large that is, Her Majesty’s Theatre, home to the London production of The Phantom of the Opera for 28 years, only has a capacity of 1200+. This means Phantom’s presence and hallowing voice will surround audiences and ricochet across the arena like never before.

2. There is a masquerade involved.

A masquerade…one of those things you always see in period dramas (or Gossip Girl), but will never really ever get a chance of being part of in real life. Now you get to witness one live on stage. That’s as close as it gets, guys.

VIVO Masks / www.vivomasks.com/blogs/masquerade/6288828-masquerade-masks-for-men-trending-for-2012

1. It’s POTO.

This is the Phantom of the Opera. The longest running show on Broadway, ever. Played to over EIGHTY MILLION people worldwide. It’s a big deal. Miss this chance and you might have to wait another eight years. Tickets can be bought from now onwards at www.hkticketing.com.hk or Tom Lee outlets at $285 and up, so if we were you we’d be heading on over right now.

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