7 Reasons Why You Should Rush Alpha Kappa Psi (Or Live The Frat Life)

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7 Reasons Why You Should Rush Alpha Kappa Psi (Or Live The Frat Life)

When you think “fraternity,” you usually imagine wild, booze-filled parties, girls getting naked and the guys pulling off the craziest sh*t you’ve ever seen. Or in Hong Kong, “What’s a fraternity?” is actually a rather frequently asked question.



For those of you who are still staring at your screen and scratching your heads, a “fraternity” is essentially a type of society, where the members, or “brothers” gather together on a regular basis for different events and activities, with the hopes of cultivating bonds that last a life time.

And last year, Hong Kong got its first taste of the frat-life when the Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity started it’s first chapter at HKUST!


Alpha Kappa Psi (often shortened to AKPsi) is a professional business fraternity, based in the United States, but has further extended to Canada, the UK and now Hong Kong. Founded in 1904, it was, and remains to this day, the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the world.

So why try out for Alpha Kappa Psi?

1. AKPsi gives you a fantastic foundation to your professional career, where brothers meet alumni from all over the world, in order to forge connections! And you will get to wear suits…almost all the time.



AKPsi USC chapter once got to spend their weekend visiting Warren Buffet. No big deal.

2. That doesn’t make us boring though. We have fun too, with many social events that allow brothers to bond and get to know each other better!


AKPsi Lambda Rho

3. The AKPsi network is extensive!


With over 250,000+ members from all over the world, AKPsi has accumulated a large and growing network of professionals that come from different backgrounds. With many of HKUST’s brothers going off on exchange/work abroad programs, they have no need to worry about missing out of the AKPsi activities at HKUST, as there are always opportunities to meet brothers anywhere in the world. Famous AKPsi Alumni include Ronald Reagan (Alpha Zeta), Richard Nixon (Beta Omicron), Benazir Bhutto and Harry A. Bulls!

4. While fraternities are usually all male, AKPsi is a co-ed fraternity. So ladies, don’t hold back!



5.  Almost everyone can be a leader! And even if you don’t have an official role, there is always room for initiating new activities and events!



With many leadership opportunities within the fraternity, almost everyone within Alpha Kappa Psi can feel empowered and experience what it’s like to be a leader.

6. You will meet the most hardworking and motivated people in your life.


7. BROTHERHOOD! Trust me, this will be your second home. <3

Having a group of people that makes you feel like you have a family during your university life is perhaps the best, and most rewarding thing about joining.


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