7 Underrated 90’s Family Television Shows

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7 Underrated 90’s Family Television Shows

The 90’s were a beautiful time for TV. There are so many shows that came out of the 90’s that have had a huge impact on television. Shows like Full House and Rugrats are clearly 90’s favourites, so much so that you can recognise them by hearing the music or seeing their famous homes. But let’s not forget about the awesome 90’s family shows that are completely underrated.

1. Angry Beavers

Nickelodeon / via Youtube

This animated TV show aired in 1997 and focused on Daggett and Norbert Beaver. This show was entertaining for both children and adults. It often had sophisticated adult humor imbedded in it, but kept the attention of children with the fun animation style and goofy characters. Because this show aired right when Rugrats was at its peak, many people don’t believe it got the recognition it deserved.


2. Rocket Power

Nickelodeon / via Vinnylanni

This show aired in 1999 and featured four cool kids participating in extreme sports, and living it up on the California coast. These middle school kids participate in every extreme sport including surfing, roller skating, skateboarding, street hockey, snowboarding and more. Living in this hot California vacation spot has its down sides as well, do I even need to mention the shoobies? Rocket Power was so totally tubular, and it was a huge bust to see the show end.


3. All That

Nickelodeon / via Youtube

All That was a live action sketch comedy show that aired in 1994 on Nickelodeon. It is somewhat of a kids Saturday Night Live show. Much like SNL, All That had recurring characters and skits that encapsulated the 90’s kids who watched.


4. Magic School Bus

PBS / via deviatart

Not only was this 90’s show entertaining, it was educational as well. Premiering in 1994, Magic School Bus featured the colourful and energetic teacher Ms. Frizzle and her class as they went on educational adventures on a magic bus during class. The show only managed to air for three years though.


5. Home Improvement

ABC / via Fanpop

This 90’s sitcom aired in 1991 and featured working dad, Tim “the Tool man” Taylor. Many people know Tim Allen from movies and guest appearances, but he started as a simple working man. This show included a tool time home improvement show, within a show. Tim’s wife and three boys made this show very relatable to viewers, making it an absolute tragedy when the show ended in 1999.


6. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

YTV / via Youtube

This show aired in Canada in 1990 and then aired in the US in 1992. It was based around a group of teens, who refer to themselves as “the Midnight Society”, who went into the woods and told detailed ghost stories. This show brought scary campfire stories to life. Though in Canada this show was probably a staple to many children, this was not so much the case everywhere else.


7. Animaniacs

Warner Brothers / via 4 blogspot

This silly cartoon aired in 1993. It was a combination of cartoon violence, humour, and witty remarks that made this show so awesome. Perhaps the most memorable aspect of this show was the musical numbers that were in almost every episode. Given the amount of creativity and talent that was put into this show, it really deserved more attention!



Everyone has their favourite 90’s television shows. Next time you cozy into bed and plug in your headphones to watch some TV, reminisce about some of these 90’s classics. They are too awesome to go unrecognised.

What are some of your other favorite 90’s television shows?

Featured image: Esther Vargas / via Flickr

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