Community Blogger Series: 8 Biggest WTF Moments on the MTR

We know a lot of these photos have been circulating around the interweb lately, so we decided to compile them into one ultimate list of MTR foolery. You're welcome.
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1. HK-ers are notorious for their use of umbrellas – whether it be rain, shine or clouds. I guess there are truly no boundaries.



2. Rush hour on the train means your chances of getting a seat are close to zero. This guy take matters into his own hands.

Hong Wrong

3. Taking it one step further… it’s hammock time!

SCMP Pictures/SCMP

4. It was love at first sight.

Hong Wrong

5. Why exactly have our MTR fees been increased? This driver was caught clipping his toenails while watching a game on his iPad.

SCMP Pictures/SCMP

  6. Let’s not forget the hailstones that created a waterfall at Festival Walk which led to this:

Via: North District Random

7. Taking PDA to a whole new level. 8. The infamous incident of the kid who decided the MTR was as good as any to let it go. mtr-peeing.png

Via: Shanghaiist

The MTR ladies and gentlemen. Keeping train rides interesting since 1975.

Article submitted by Justine Marie Yau

Featured image: Ron So/ Hong Kong Shuttle/

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