9 Useless Inventions From Japan……and China

"Don't think....thinking is the enemy of creativity" .... ok.. maybe think a little bit.
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The “toilet exhibition” (“Toilet” Human Wastes and Earth’s Future) that began on July 2nd and runs through to October 5th in Miraikin is showcasing different types of toilets and faeces to children. It even allows the public to experience what it feels like to be flushed into a toilet, whist wearing a “poop hat.”


Keith Tsuji/Getty Images AsiaPac

This exhibition demonstrates just how creative the Japanese are. In fact, creative would be an understatement. When it comes to innovation, they are absolute maestros!

In Japan, there is an art or hobby known as Chindogu (珍道具) which aims to encourage people to invent gadgets that are essentially useless.

 1) The Baby Mop

Want to make good use of your baby? Buy the baby mop apparel and let you baby crawl all around the house whilst simultaneously cleaning the floor. Crawling makes for great exercise for the baby too! Two birds. one stone.

 2) Breastfeed Daddy

If you ever complain about how only women can breastfeed but men can’t, you should definitely consider purchasing this gadget. With this revolutionary (lol) device just strap on these breast-shaped feeding bottles and nurse your baby just like your wife would!

 3) Lip Stamp

You can finally get that Angelina Jolie look in less than a second.

 4) Eye Stickers

Staying awake in class has never been easier!

 5) Pedestrian’s Best Friend

Jaywalk without getting caught! Roll out this fake zebra crossing anywhere, anytime.

 6) Fresh Air Mask

Air pollution is a huge problem in Asia. Everyone should purchase this air mask for a fresh oxygen boost!

 7) Privacy Shield


Use the privacy shield to avoid awkward situations e.g. when your parents walk in you watching…erm. You get my drift.


8) Rickshaw Walking Robot 


9) Edward Scissorhands, anybody?



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