In Anticipation of ‘Interstellar’

The travelling epic gets a final, breathtaking trailer
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As if we couldn’t be more excited for Christopher Nolan’s latest, Warner Bros. has granted us the fullest, most aesthetically pleasing glimpse of the film so far. While most of the movie-going public is acquainted with Nolan for his incredible Dark Knight trilogy, those of us who have been avid fans since Memento are squirming in anticipation.

Renowned for his ability to make ‘art’ films in the guise of blockbusters, Nolan is a master of directing films that are ambitious in both cerebral storytelling and technical innovations. If Inception wasn’t a testament to his talent for handling difficult premises, Interstellar will be a true test of his talents – as many films have tried and failed before in handling time-travel plots.

Seems like the McConaissance is still unstoppable at this point…


As the trailer below reveals, the film seems more attuned to human rather than sci-fi aspects. It seems that beneath all his mind-bending themes – Nolan is fundamentally concerned with what makes us human, and he’s shown this time and time again with all his previous works.


The film is set to release in HK on Nov 6 (earlier than the rest of the world!) 

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