A Basic Guide On How Not To Be An A**hole On The MTR

A**holes. A**holes everywhere.
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Travelling to work this summer everyday, I’ve noticed a huge number of people that seem to disregard the otherwise extremely important MTR etiquette that I assumed everyone followed. Well, apparently not. So here it is, a basic guide on how not to be an a**hole on the MTR:

1) Please always remember to stand on the right side of long MTR escalators, there’s nothing more annoying than some woman who thinks it’s okay to block everybody’s path on the left just because she wants to be at eye-level with her B.F.F whilst telling her about what colour she painted her nails this morning. I’m kind of trying to get somewhere, so just keep moving before I charge into you like a raging bull.



2) This particularly applies during rush hour: Yes, we’re all in a rush to get to our destination as well, but I really don’t understand those of you who feel the need to squeeze into a train compartment already packed like sardines. I’m sure waiting one or two minutes for the next train isn’t going to make a significant difference. So please, if you think theres still space by all means do try to fit yourself in, but don’t make everyone on the train stand like girls taking their senior year prom photos.


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3) Backpacks, boxes, guitars; whatever you’re carrying around with you please beware of your surroundings and be careful not to hit anybody with whatever your carrying. Be considerate of shorter people, especially if you’re tall: I’m sure its hard enough having everyone look right over you so theres no need to add to their suffering by whacking them in the face as you turn around with your backpack.



4) Make sure you have your Octopus card/ticket ready, keep the line moving and stop blocking the turnstiles while you decide to take 5 minutes to ruffle through your bag just as you get to the front of the line. Whatever level your on on Candy Crush I’m sure you can pause, do everybody a favour and take a second to find your Octopus or ticket before resuming.



5) There is a reason why there are lines drawn out for you to stand in-between while you wait for the train: It’s so people can get off the train first before you maniacs decide to swarm in like red-ants. People are in just as much of a rush to get in as you are to get a flippin’ seat, so be considerate.



6) Priority seats. Priority. That means priority for the elderly, the disabled and pregnant women. Not for you to sit there watching korean dramas on your iPad, comprende?



7) Lastly, people who smell bad… maybe you have B.O. problems and can’t help it, but really…your still kind of an a**hole for not at least spraying a little bit of deodorant before you left this morning and stinking up the entire compartment. Just try not to stink, please? 



For those of you who’d prefer a more visual representation of things, I recommend you to check out this video from #HKproblems_theplay here, who are equally unimpressed with the people who just don’t seem to understand MTR etiquette. 

That pretty much wraps it up for me. Anything else you guys want to add to this list? Leave a comment in the comment section below! 

Featured image: catneverdie.hk


  • kcc@gmail.com' Kimmy Ching Chong says:

    Why are all your photos of white people. HK is full of gooks?

    • madbuzzhk says:

      Fair point, Kimmy Ching Chong. That was not what we were trying to imply at all. We will make sure to include more chinese people in our future articles. Thank you for your feedback!

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