Basically What Happened In Brazil Last Night…

Sorry Brazil, maybe next time?
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For any of you that missed the game last night, forget the highlights, this video will pretty much sum up the game for you.

So yeah…

The Brazilian players were clearly devastated and incredibly emotional. I don’t think I’ve ever seen David Luiz in this state before. 

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 “I just wanted to give joy to the people who suffer so much. Unfortunately we could not, sorry everyone, all Brazilians. I just wanted to see people smiling. Everyone knows how important it was for me. I wanted to see everyone happy. [Germany] were better prepared. It is a day of great sadness and a lot of learning too.”

– David Luiz (Via. O Globo) 


Emotional times… can’t help but feel for this guy. Keep your head up buddy! You did Brazil proud. 

The fans didn’t cope with the loss too well either.


Sorry lads, maybe next time..

But on a lighter note…….

(Too soon?)