Cafe 8: Good Karma Coffee Shop

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So the other day, I happened to discover this hidden gem after checking out The AIA Great European Carnival. As I was wandering around the pier hoping to find a quiet place to enjoy the harbor view (we all know that Greyhound and Fuel at IFC are extremely crowded), I walked up the stairs to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and ta-da, I found Cafe 8 on the rooftop of the building.

Good Karma

Cafe 8 is a social enterprise, which means that the money you spend goes towards a good cause, so it should feel extra rewarding enjoying their food and coffee! Cafe 8 is a collaboration between The Nesbitt Center and Hong Kong Maritime Museum, aiming to create a safe environment for people with learning abilities to integrate with the local community through serving and interacting with customers.


Great Customer Service

When I first got to the coffee shop, my friend saw one table at the balcony. My friend and I suddenly felt like we should pretend that we were a couple and that we’ve reserved a table just for ourselves at the balcony. The waiter gladly played along. He even told us that he would not allow any other customers to disturb us.

IMG_1968The View (from the balcony)IMG_1955

Good Latte

I’m an absolute latte-addict and I really have to compliment their latte because the milk is plunged so well with the espresso that the blended texture is extremely rich. The milk foam evenly compliments the coffee and makes a great rosetta latte art.


Food Suggestions: Scone

Although there are not many food choices, their pastries and desserts are of very high quality. They look very delicious too.



I had a really pleasant experience when I visited and I couldn’t believe how underrated this place was.  This coffee shop is a great place to go after visiting the Ferris Wheel, The AIA Great European Carnival or even after a ferry ride from Tsim Sha Tsui.

Location: Roof, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Pier 8, Central

All photo courtesy of Donna Chiu.

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