SATISFASHION: Colour that Black & White for Winter!

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Hey there! you’re looking good today…where’d you get your style from?

Welcome to the first instalment of our SATISFASHION series with Sonali Nandwani, where we showcase trendy style from all campuses in town. Who knows, you might be the next fashionista in Hong Kong!

Winter is fast approaching, and the first step to starting the festivities is to give your wardrobe that cosy look that will inevitably be your ‘go-to’ in the coming months.


Personally, I love incorporating different colours and patterns into my closet. I think the ability to contrast monochromatic tones with bright tones makes an outfit unique, and is sure to catch people’s eyes. Scarves have been trending since the 20th century, yet they never seem to go out of style. As time passes, new styles are generated; in turn creating new ways of using scarves to compliment them, and different fabrics and prints are made for such. This fashionable graduate student at SCAD rocked her blue FURLA scarf on a beautiful, sunny day; the way she wrapped it around her outfit created a contrast that was both eye-catching and elegant.


The styling of this outfit is what really drew me to it. You can style scarves in many ways; with skirts, pants, or even with shorts. By adding a bright coloured scarf to the look, this student kept the outfit classy, yet chic. Another element that incorporated both of these sought after factors in to her look was the pairing of her dress with a black and white CELINE handbag, which drew it all together perfectly.

If you still don’t own a scarf with a bit of colour or a cool pattern, don’t miss the chance to get one!  Some of the most gorgeous scarf designs I’ve seen all season can be found at Lush in Mong Kok, Zara in Central, and Fendi at Landmark Mall. If you are just visiting Hong Kong or are here for a short period, get your traditional handmade scarfs at the Ladies’ Market at Mong Kok. It has a huge variety of colours, prints, styles and patterns. Most importantly, you will get an amazing quality of fabric, especially if you’re looking for silk.


All photographs courtesy of Sonali Nandwani.

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