Cool 3D Cat Latte Art or Just A Gimmick?

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Cool 3D Cat Latte Art or Just A Gimmick?

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Obsessions with cats are getting out of hand in the world wide web, with the extremely viral grumpy cats and popular cats quizzes like the What Kind of Cat Are You test on Buzzfeed. We love cats so much that we even want our coffee to be decorated with pictures of them.


There are two trendy coffee shops in Hong Kong that simply can’t get enough of cats: they are the Allegretto in Tsim Sha Tsui and Cafe R&C in Causeway Bay, where they offer 3D cat art on drinks like latte and cappuccino. I decided to give the boutique Cafe R&C a try.

Cafe R&C

Address (E) G/F, 22-24 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
Address (C) 香港銅鑼灣希雲街22-24號地舖
☏ 2890 9838
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm

Go for The Instagram But Don’t Go for The Price


If you follow any of the #hkfoodies on Instagram, you probably have noticed many of the 3D latte art on your newsfeed. They look very artistic and Instagram worthy, but I personally don’t think that they are worth the price that they charge ($49!!). Don’t get me wrong, the foam drawn cartoons are  very cute, but it is extremely expensive compared to the $33 tall Caffè latte that I can get at Starbucks. The only difference is how it looks but unfortunately, not how it tastes.


Presentable & Original; 3D Cat Latte & Other Else

Openrice user: Starki/

Well, if you really want that Instagram picture or you are a person who genuinely appreciates food art then I would high recommend you to go to Cafe R&C! The barista is very creative and even customizes drinks for you. My friend requested a panda and she actually got an extremely cute picture of a panda on her sweet potato latte ($50).

Photo Courtesy of Donna Chiu

The latte


Photo Courtesy of Donna Chiu

I am pretty big on lattes myself, so I have very high expectations. It’s not bad judging how the texture of the foamed milk is frothed very well, as you can see from the bubbles on the top. The foam compliments the espresso very nicely, which gives it a rich taste when you sip the coffee. However, I personally love strong coffee so I didn’t like how it failed to give me a strong, creamy and ashy after taste.


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