Cruffin (Croissants And Muffins) Could Be The Next Big Thing In 2015

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Cruffin (Croissants And Muffins) Could Be The Next Big Thing In 2015

Cronuts are so 2014. If you think that cronuts are the single greatest creation then you will be very happy to hear that there’s a brand new drool-worthy food on the market this year; the cruffin (croissants x muffin). It was recently launched in San Francisco by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (1042 Larkin Street), the new bakery from Ry Stephen and Aaron Caddel and we are praying to see this in Hong Kong sometime soon!

For now, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate how awesome it looks.

A cruffin is basically a croissant-muffin mashup that is dipped in powedered sugar and filled with pastry cream ranging from coffee crème, Boston cream, strawberry cream to passion-fruit curd. And yes, as you can imagine, cruffin has already reached “instafamous” status filling up the #foodporn category.

There is currently a “cruffin” craze at San Francisco. The bakery opens at around 9a.m. everyday but the pastries, especially the cruffin, usually runs out within the hour.

Only three months in, the tiny Tendernob bakery is selling out every single day. “Customers have been lining up at 6:45 am even in pouring rain, and that lines sometimes stretch 20-25 feet out the door (even with three cashiers manning the registers).” says the owner Caddel

Apart from this heavenly snack, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse also serves many different kinds of delicious pastries  including brioche donuts, torched meringues and the delicious California Croissant. 

If you happen to be in San Francisco, or would like to fly there just for the cruffins, visit Mr. Holmes between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on weekdays. The owner  says that the lines are somewhat abated and the cruffins are usually fresh out of the oven.

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