Hong Kong’s Rising Stars: Devain D Talks About Founding the Scholars of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Rising Stars series aims to discover emerging talents in the city and provide individuals from all walks of life an outlet to express themselves.
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Hong Kong’s Rising Stars: Devain D Talks About Founding the Scholars of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Rising Stars 

 I am thrilled to introduce our brand new series titled: Hong Kong’s Rising Stars. Having lived in Hong Kong for so many years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many talented and inspiring people here that I feel like truly deserves the spotlight, and this is what our news series is all about. – Donna Chiu, co-founder of MadbuzzHK.

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I recently stumbled upon a page titled Scholars of Hong Kong that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. For those of you who are unaware, it is “a page that exhibits the plethora of diverse passions, hopes, dreams and experiences of international students in Hong Kong.” Immediately, I thought that this was a brilliant idea.

I looked into it and was amazed with the number of schools (currently 8 international schools including IS, WIS, SIS, HKIS, AIS, SIS, DC and RCHK) that were participating in this project. I immediately messaged the founder and decided to meet up with him, to learn about his vision and how he developed this project. Not only was I surprised at how young he was (16 years old!), Devain Doolaramani is a renaissance man who also has a passion for photography and sports.

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