EDM God David Guetta returns to Hong Kong

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EDM God David Guetta returns to Hong Kong

David Guetta, DJ superstar and household name to all, will be returning to Hong Kong on June 14th as part of his Listen Tour, for an unforgettable night at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

We’d tell you what a great time you can expect to have if you went, but then you already know, so we thought we might interest you in some Guetta trivia to impress your mates at the local pub instead.

1. Guetta was the face of a French L’Oreal advert before he became the EDM God that he is today. With hair comparable to Jared Leto’s fine locks though, we really aren’t that surprised. Our limited primary school French tells us that L’Oreal Party Proof is a sweat and water proof hair gel. You can see for yourself and correct us if we’re wrong.

2. Guetta is THE most popular Spotify artist in the world, with an impressive 5.8 million followers.

3. He also has 57 million plus Facebook fans. Which is quite a lot more than, to our surprise, One Direction (37 million).

4. We all know about smash hits Dangerous and Hey Mama from Guetta’a new album Listen, but the French DJ also worked with the Script this time with Goodbye Friend, an unlikely collaboration, but a fine one too, we must add.

Anyway, tickets will go on sale ($880 / $580 all standing) starting May 2nd, and can be purchased from HK Ticketing, K11 Select and Tom Lee Music Stores. Go.


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