Get a Taste of Mumbai at Tsim Sha Tsui Now!

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Get a Taste of Mumbai at Tsim Sha Tsui Now!

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One of the best things about Indian food is the diversity of flavours that are available to suit the tastes of anyone. Whether you’re vegetarian or a raging carnivore, or whether you can handle spices or not, Indian food will always somehow manage to get your taste buds tingling. While most Indian restaurants in Hong Kong are pretty specialized and stick to a menu from a certain region in India, Aamchi Mumbai gives you a full platter of flavours to try.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Mumbai is a large, diverse metropolis located in the state of Maharashtra, and is known to be the home of Bollywood, while also boasting restaurants that serve cuisines from all over the world. Aamchi Mumbai has really tried to bring Mumbai to Hong Kong, with both the ambiance they have created within the restaurant, as well as the variety available in their menu, ranging from barbecued delights, to Mumbai street food.


With tables decorated in the style of Mumbai’s railway station signs, menus that look like Mumbai newspapers, and pictures of Bollywood stars all over the wall, it really is the total Mumbai experience! Source:

The highlights of Aamchi Mumbai include:

  • Vada Paun: Basically a burger, but instead of meat, you have potato fritters. Each bite is a taste of pure, unadulterated happiness. Warning: some people do find it a bit spicy!
  • Butter Chicken: A classic that everyone enjoys. Order this with some garlic naan bread, and don’t be afraid to dig your fingers into the creamy, tantalizing sauce.
  • Daal Makhani: One of my personal favourites, and Aamchi Mumbai did not disappoint!
  • Bhel Puri: An Indian street-food classic. With all kinds of textures and flavours incorporated into one plate, you cannot help but be impressed that this is actually more commonly eaten as street food than at a 5-star restaurant.
  • Lassi: Is essentially an Indian milkshake, but creamier. Also goes beautifully with any Indian food you have. Both sweet and salty flavours are available, but I highly recommend the mango lassi!

Other than the delicious food and excellent service (the waiters were extremely friendly and accommodating), Aamchi Mumbai really is the place for all your Indian food-related cravings!

Getting there: Flat D, 3/F Lyton Building, 36-38 Mody Road, TST (closest MTR Exit: P3)

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