Spotted: Gladiator Sandals!

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It always feels like summer in Panama. Think summer, colors and wacky prints. Why not incorporate a little black and white to give your look a unique, fall/winter combined with hot climate style to be a little different though? Gladiator sandals are the answer to that. Easy to match, but also very stylish and sexy when worn with the proper outfit.


I spotted this student on a Saturday morning. She was about to leave for work at a teen radio station. Her outfit really caught my attention and I was even more interested when she told me where she was going. Wearing a casual black polo dress, gladiator sandals, with a nude colored GUESS handbag and a simple white watch, she pulled off the ultimate sporty, yet chic look.  She clearly showed us how two things from different categories can really look good together with styling and accessorizing. Her outfit was simply the perfect choice for a Saturday afternoon.


If you’re thinking of investing in a pair of gladiator sandals yourself, I recommend the ones from Chanel and Michael Kors‘ summer 2014 collections. They’re comfortable but can be casual or elegant. Another one of my favorite brands when it comes to gladiator sandals is Steve Madden. Remember, you can completely change your looks with good pair of shoes so don’t hold back on splashing out!




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