Satisfashion: Going Sky High

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I love incorporating different prints and patterns into my closet and combining different elements that look good together. Doing so is what makes an outfit unique. This week we take a look at how you can combine different prints with the forever trendy sky high sneakers!


This student’s multicolored sky high sneakers caught my attention because of how she styled them. By adding a tie-dye shirt to the look, this fashionista kept the outfit funky, while keeping it modern with denim shorts and her tech watch. The multicolored sunglasses and the metallic Longchamp handbag also added on to this “technological” feel.

If you still don’t own a pair of wedge sneakers, don’t miss the chance to get a pair. Nike has the best selection. From monochromatic to the brightly colored, there is a fit for any style. Urban Outfitters also has a huge variety of denim shorts and jeans. Check out this pair of high-waisted shorts, which goes perfectly with anything. Lastly, don’t forget your multicolored sunglasses! Check out Oakley’s most recent collection,  which would simply be perfect for this outfit.

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