A Gorgeous Secluded Beach You Need To Visit This Weekend

I'm bikini ready, are you?"
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The sun is shining, the weekend is approaching and most importantly, you are finally “body-ready” (hurray!). There’s really no better time than now to head to THE BEACH!

Trying to find a secluded beach with a stretch of beautiful silky sand can be hard, and not to mention the perpetual struggle of finding your own tanning space without having some 50 year old guys saggy body all up in your face (We’ve all been there).

It’s ok…shhh.

Let me tell you where to go!

Long Ke, Sai Kung (Tai Long Wan group of Beaches)

How to get there? (Easy Route)40 mins from Sai Kung local town (20 mins taxi ride & 20mins of hiking) – take MTR to Choi Hung than catch a green minibus 1A from exit C1/ take MTR to Diamond Hill then take the bus 92 from the bus terminus/ take MTR to Mongkok E2/Yau Ma Tei A2 then head to 62 Dundas St. to take the red minibus next to the garbage disposal centre – take a taxi from Sai Kung, get drop off at East Dam (extremely beautiful Geopark) and remember to ask for the taxi’s no. so you can go back home safely! – there’s only one route so start hiking!

(Harder Route 12km) For those fit hikers out there! –  3hrs & 5mins (5 mins taxi ride & 3 hours of hiking) – after you catch a taxi from Sai Kung, get drop off at the entrance to Sai Kung East Country Park – Follow the road along the paved basin for around 3 hrs – you will be amazed with the impressive reservoir backdrop 10475583_10203350421653711_3097714119647321326_n @photo courtesy of Natalie Chao

It is extremely hot in Hong Kong right now so I would actually recommend you to take the easy route to avoid a sudden heat stroke (don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

Why did I fall in love with this place?

I mean, just look at this amazing view: 10544517_10152494881836413_681918383_n Oh! One tinnyyyyy thing! Unfortunately, the water quality isn’t the best as it suffers from red tides. But other than that, Long Ke is still my favorite beach to visit in Hong Kong!


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