HK Pizza Hut Launches…The Pizza Box Movie Projector?!

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In case you ever needed an extra incentive to order a large pepperoni pizza tonight…

Pizza Hut HK has partnered with ad firm Ogilvy and Hather HK to produce the “Blockbuster Box”, a pizza box that can be turned into a film projector!!! (With a little help from your smartphone)

How the project works is that the pizza box comes with a lens that can then be inserted into a hole on the side of the box. Smartphone users then scan the code on the box and place their device into the box. The video played will then be projected onto a surface of their choice via the projector lens.

Yes, so that means when you’re feeling the itis after your meal, you can now sit back and watch a movie with your handy little pizza box projector!

Currently the blockbuster box is only available in Hong Kong and there has been no details thus far regarding whether it will be released anywhere else in the world.

What do you guys think of the blockbuster box?…. innovative or pointless?

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