How to Make The Most Out of Clockenflap

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How to Make The Most Out of Clockenflap

As my (possibly) last year in Hong Kong before I go to another country for university, Clockenflap is one of those major events that I can’t afford to miss. Looking back on my previous experiences of going to Clockenflap, there were definitely times when I wished I had seen “so and so” or brought “such and such”. This list is not just a reminder for myself on past regrets, but also a learning opportunity for me to experience the best Clockenflap yet.


Like most things, preparation is key. Packing for Clockenflap is essential, especially for those full 12pm to 11pm days.

Here are some things you should be bringing:

  • Clockenflap Ticket – Need I say no more? Make sure you have a printed copy or a photograph of the full QR code.
  • Identification – Proof for adult/student status
  • Dried nuts and fruits – Keep small snacks in your bag, just in case you are stuck in an A$AP Rocky rave, and spontaneously decide that you have a craving for dried apricots. You will thank me later.
  • Good shoes – NO open toed shoes please, just a pair of sturdy boots or sneakers.
  • Alcohol – Not that kind (I will get on that later). Take some hand sanitizer, because you won’t be bothered to go all the way to the toilet.


Schedule for 27th, 28th and 29th of November 2015 

For the past few years at Clockenflap, I’ve been extremely anal about getting to the different stages on time (or before anyone else gets there). But I’ve learnt that I’m not really a crowd person; The random grinding, tall people standing right in front of you and inevitable weed smoke blowing everywhere… it’s not my thing.

Though you may find me possibly swallowed into the A$AP mosh pit, I am trying to be more chill about Clockenflap, so you may find me being chill in the outskirts of the crowd.

Stay safe

I know that Clockenflap, to many teenagers, is an opportunity to get f**ked up, but you all have to be careful about it. Know your limits and pray that you don’t bump into your maths teacher.

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