Immersive Fitness at Pure LKF: Raving While You Burn Calories

Party on a bike
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The oh so familiar post party hangover can sometimes really suck. What if I told you you could have the ultimate party experience, while simultaneously feel energized and refreshed after it? Lies, you say? Let me introduce Pure’s Immersive Fitness™ programmes, aptly called The Trip™. They don’t involve alcohol, but recreate a rave environment with EDM and sensational visual effects, while you work out on a bike.


It is. I recently got myself a Pure membership, and to make the most out of it, tried to participate in as many classes as possible, including a 45 minute spin class at the world’s first 270 degree Immersive Fitness ™ studio (If you have a membership with Pure, you can join this class at their California Tower branch until October 9th for free!). Five projectors deliver three-dimensional visuals on a 270 degree floor to ceiling screen while you cycle.

This experience was eye-opening. Never did I think working out could be THAT fun. With screens that capture steep glaciers, racing fields and a space-age city, it almost feels as if you are cycling through those virtual realities. The Trip™ is a full body high intensity (HIIT) workout, because you pedal through different dimensions at varying resistance while doing push-ups against the bike handles, lunging forward and backwards to get a full range of motions. You get to burn an average of 400-600 calories (as indicated on my iWatch), while experiencing an adrenaline rush and a full club-like experience.


I’m super excited for the future of fitness, especially with technological gimmicks that allow you to experience a “trippy” experience while working out!

For further information please call 8200 0032.

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Pure Fitness California Tower
18/F California Tower
32 D’ Aguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong

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