Kanye’s New Single “Only One” Featuring Paul McCartney

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Kanye’s put out his brand new single just in time for the new year and it’s simply nothing like we’ve heard from him before. Oh, and you read the headline right the track features Sir Paul McCartney, a former member of the Beatles.

At first, I thought the song would be nothing but an auto-tune disaster, but truthfully, the auto-tune goes very well the gentle ballad. There’s a lot of emotion in the song and it’s beautiful to listen to (I’ve had the song on repeat for 3 days now).  The context behind the song is said to be Kanye’s late mother Donda singing to him above “My mom was singing to me, and through me to my daughter.”

Listen to Kanye’s brand new single here and judge for yourself:

Featured image: http://i0.huffpost.com/gen/1971205/thumbs/n-PAUL-MCCARTNEY-KANYE-WEST-large570.jpg

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