“The Hong Kong Eye”

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“The Hong Kong Eye”

Yes. Yes, that is definitely a 60-metre Ferris Wheel.

Remember riding the Formula 1 Slip’n’slide and seeing the beautiful harbor from a vantage point on the AIA Ferris Wheel? Unfortunately, this isn’t the AIA World Carnival but it is the brand new Hong Kong Observation Wheel that once rumored to be launched on October 1st and finally launches today on December 5th, 2014 at 5pm.


Hong Kong Allies/ goo.gl/GUwhh7

1. In May 2013, the HK Land Department awarded a three year contract to Swiss AEX, allowing them to build a harbour-looking Observation Wheel at Central pier 9 and 10

2. The wheel is 60-meters high with 42 gondolas (1 VIP gondolas included), each holding 10-12 passengers and it will operate from 10am – 11pm. Tickets will cost around $100 for adults and $70 for children.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.13.00 PM

districtcouncils.gov.hk/ goo.gl/xnDcxQ 

3. It finally launches after all the delay!!! (Where’s all the hype and excitement?!)

“A soft launch of the project will take place in September (which wasn’t the case!) to build awareness and anticipation. A higher-profile ‘launch’ will, thereafter, be carried out in cooperation with the Harbourfront Commission, Hong Kong Tourism Board, district representatives and the Hong Kong government,” it said in a paper sent to the commission.

4. But there were some serious concerns regarding the “Hong Kong Eye”, summarized fully by:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.24.53 PM


5. Not 100% sure whether this will be as successful as the previous company Great City Attractions Global, who wanted to build this in 2011 but went bankrupt and was taken over by SWISS AEX on 23rd May, 2013. hmm..



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