MailTrack Double Ticks: Great (Or Agonizing) Way To Check Whether Your Outgoing Emails Have Been Read

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You will thank us after this…or not.

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the double blue tick feature, allowing users to know whether their messages had been read or not, causing widespread panic among the masses. You can apparently now do the same with a new Google Chrome browser extension, letting you find out whether your outgoing emails have been read or not.


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re one to send out electronic Valentine’s (is that still a thing?), we’d advise you NOT to try the insanely accurate MailTrack, for fear of rejection (or download at your own cost).


On the other hand though, we reckon MailTrack would be incredibly useful for people who want to make sure their emails have been delivered successfully for business purposes. I am currently job hunting and use MailTrack to make sure recruiters have received my emails.


All you really need to do is to,

1) Download the extension and login to your email account.

2) Ticks will immediately show up right next to the sender column.

Now please excuse me while I hide away and cry about recruiters who’v ignored my job applications 🙁 .

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