Man Gets ‘Eaten Alive’ By Anaconda On Discovery Channel Special

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Yup, you read that right. On a Discovery Channel special set to air on December 7th, the documentary will feature wildlife expert and filmmaker Paul Rosolie put on a custom-made snake proof suit and get eaten alive by an Amazonian anaconda.

Rosolie has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and is currently running a company called ‘Tamanda Expeditions’. The 26-year old volunteered to get eaten by a 30 feet anaconda in an amazonian jungle with a special suit made to protect himself against the snake’s disgestive fluids.

The suit is also believed to be covered in pigs blood to attract the anaconda and is tied to a long cord attached to the suit to eventually pull him out of the snake.

Though the promo video has already caused a lot of controversy in regards to harming the snake, resulting in a petition which has gathered around 500 signatures, Rosolie has tweeted back in response to animal lovers saying ‘I would never hurt a living thing’.

Here is the sneak peak for the episode set to air on December 7th, surely one to go down in hiss-tory:

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