McDonald’s Will Now Accept Dancing As Payment. True Story.

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McDonald’s double cheeseburger is pretty cheesy, but U.S. McDonald’s has recently unveiled their Superbowl XLIX Pay with Lovin’ advert, which claims to accept a new form of payment for your meal… love and hugs.

The campaign will commence from Feb 2nd (Mon) through Valentine’s Day, across all US McDonald’s stores, allocating 100 random transactions to be settled with spontaneous acts of love, with absolutely no $$$ involved. This includes hugging a loved one, calling mom and telling her you love her (awww), a fist bump to the crew and of course, our all time favourite, dancing hysterically in front of everyone in the store. Unfortunately, there appears to be no plans for a worldwide Pay With Lovin’ campaign at the moment.

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Super Bowl XLIX is only around 24 hours away, and seeing this heartwarming Super Bowl McDonald’s ad is getting us super hyped about the SuperBowl half-time commercials. That and Katy Perry’s performance obviously. And maybe the actual game too.

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