“My Name Is Jeff” Goes Viral

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So what’s the latest social media craze you may ask? As always, we’re always here to help you guys out!

Well, the simple answer is …. Jeff.


No, not that Jeff! Though this is unbelievable…

I’m talking about this Jeff..

Hilarious right? wait, it gets better.

So for those of you haven’t watched the movie yet, you should. The video is of undercover cops Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) attempting to pull-off their best Mexican accents while trying to infiltrate the Mexican drug cartel.

Though the movie has been out since June, the clip of Channing Tatum sounding like Borat’s little brother started picking up popularity throughout the last month or so mostly due to the plethora of vines that have been made with this clip edited into it.

Check out a compilation of the best “My name is Jeff” vines by UNILAD here:


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