OffGrid 2015: The Ultimate Technology Free Camping Experience

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OffGrid 2015: The Ultimate Technology Free Camping Experience

Technology can be a pain in the ass. Like when you get text alerts from that group chat you were forcefully added into but don’t give two flying ducks about. Or when ubiquitous work emails somehow keep finding their way to your inbox. Or when you have to keep track of single ticks, double ticks and blue ticks and it’s all too much for your overworked, overtired brain to handle.

That’s why folks at Hybrid Group have come up with OffGrid, an overnight camping experience intended to place you in temporary social media oblivion, allowing you to make peace with your inner self while your iPhone sits (safely) in technology jail upon entry.

The genius event will be happening over Mid Autumn Festival weekend. Instead of Instagram-ing what you had for lunch or swinging your selfie stick around, you’ll be heading over to Palm Beach, Lantau Island and taking part in an intense camping programme, featuring circuit training from S.C.A.A Gym, Muay Thai & Thai boxing from SPARKS Fitness, yoga sessions from Yoga Bam Bam, dance classes from InPulse Productions and meditation from Balance Health. You’ll also get to snuggle up to your S.O at the night time outdoor cinema. There’ll be no pre-camping food-packing stress needed either, as Pololi, Healthy Chicken, Super Food Lab and Spice Box Organics will be handling the catering to keep your energy levels up with organic nibbles. Campers will also be leaving the island with sports goodies from Reebok, sunblock from Coppertone and more!

Individual tickets are now on sale via, with group discounts also available. Visit OffGrid’s official event page for more information.


Time: September 27 2015 (9am) – September 29 2015 (12pm)

Venue: Palm Beach, Lantau

Price: $1180 (Individual)


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