The Remote Controlled Birth Control

Bill Gates you absolute legend.
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The Remote Controlled Birth Control

Let’s be honest, everyone’s heart skips a beat when you’re having a jolly good time getting it in and your condom decides to tear apart and give up on you. That moment where panic and anxiety completely consumes your body and you can’t help but feel like:

Well, fear no more: Bill Gates has teamed up with scientists at MIT to create a revolutionary microchip that will allow women to control their contraception by remote control. REMOTE. CONTROL.

Bill Gates you legend, you. 

Basically how it works is that the birth control implant, made by a startup company called MicroCHIPs will be placed just under the skin with the ability to function continuously for 16 years (no hormonal birth control currently lasts longer than 5 years). When a woman is ready to have a child, she would simply need to turn the device off via remote and turn it back on later when she needs it again.



Tests on this new technology are expected to start very soon and MIT technology reviews predict that the implants could be on the market by 2018.

For the complete and in depth MIT report, click here

My only concern is what would happen if you lost your remote? or if it falls into the wrong hands (lol).

However, still equally brilliant news for young boys and girls. I’m pretty excited for 2018 (never a big fan of condoms)