A$AP Rocky handed me his milkshake at Clockenflap 2015

The chronicles of an A$AP fan at Clockenflap 2015 (or the first 2 days of it anyway).
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Friday 27th November 2015 

My first day of Clockenflap started with being late for Clean Bandit and getting swallowed into the belly of the crowd.

The electro-pop quartet (I’m lying to myself Neil Amin-Smith wasn’t here.) and touring vocalist Elizabeth Troy were extremely talented vocally but it was difficult for the crowd to get into most of their songs (with the exception of “Rather Be”).

The night moved on at the Atum stage with Flying Lotus (born Steven Ellison). Known for his experimental approach to electronic music, Ellison’s overwhelming visual projections from animators like Cyriak complimented his macabre rave music.

There was definitely some classic moments in the set like Flylo dropping his remix of ‘Infiltrating the Shinra Tower’ from Final Fantasy VII and Travis Scott’s ‘Antidote’.

Saturday 28th November 

Arriving just in time for the Earth, Wind and Fire Experience featuring Al McKay, it was a good start for the night. The Harborflap crowd seemed to enjoy Verdine White’s funky grooves yet I had one person on my mind – A$AP Rocky. (I am no hype-beast but like he touched Rihanna.)

I dragged my friend through the crowd because I knew that people would be loitering around the Atum stage. Some of my friends were reluctant to leave since they did not play ‘September‘ and it was the song they came for. Funnily enough, as soon as we left the stage we all heard the familiar guitar riff and everyone resorted to jamming near the toilets.

Considering the idea that we had two hours until A$AP Rocky’s set we decided join Ratatat. It was a long hour of intense drumming and emotional guitar strumming which was a nice prelude for what was about to come next.

Being inside the A$AP Rocky crowd was physically and emotionally stressful yet exciting experience. Trying to snapchat the concert was extremely difficult, since it was just screaming and distorted bass noises.

When A$AP climbed off the stage to get near the pit of fanatic fans, he was holding a milkshake and tried to climb on the barricade to rap. People started grabbing for him and everything became a blur since my only focus was on the milkshake. I extended my arm as an attempt to not get swallowed by all the tall people trying to cop a feel. He looked at my direction and handed me the drink. I spent the rest of his set trying to hype to his songs and trying not to hit anyone with the glass of unfinished cream.

Miramax / via pandawhale.com

To end the show A$AP Rocky played an unreleased track ‘Yamborghini High’ which tied up nicely for the last act on Saturday.

Photo credits: Clockenflap 

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