The Rise and Fall of the Selfie Stick

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The Rise and Fall of the Selfie Stick

Californian Music Festival Coachella (aka the biggest baddest music festival of the year), is kick starting this weekend and we have bad news for those planning to show off their kimonos and floral headbands on Facebook and Instagram…selfie sticks have been banned and will be subject to confiscation this year! It is listed among weapons, illegal substances, bicycles, pets, professional recording equipment as well as skateboards as top prohibited items (L-A-M-E!). This wouldn’t be the first time the selfie stick was banned from a big event. Lollapalooza, fellow hip music festival, as well as dozens of other famous landmarks are all taking a stand against them to protect exhibits and ensure the safety of visitors. Like in,

France: Palace of Versailles



London: National Gallery


Jack Hill/

Rome: Colosseum


Now, onto a bit of selfie stick history


It you’re looking to settle a score with the people that invented the selfie stick, we’re sorry to tell you that according to Google Trends, it was Asians that made the fashion and safety hazards popular… more specifically, in South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. So. Look around.

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