SATISFASHION: Fashion at Comfort

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SATISFASHION: Fashion at Comfort

Welcome to the SATISFASHION series with Sonali Nandwani, where we showcase trendy style from all campuses in town. Who knows, you might be the next fashionista in Hong Kong!

Nowadays, a lot of people rely on having small backpacks because they are much more convenient to bring around. Running around all day can sometimes distract you and make you forget where you keep your cellphone or wallet, and there’s no way you can go wrong with a little black backpack. Small neutral backpacks are ideal either for day-to-night occasions, or just for going to class and running errands. They’re convenient, spacious, and fashionable.


A lot of the backpack trends have to do with figuring out your personal comfort level. This SCAD student did a great job of breaking down the basics. Start this look off with a nice, neutral backpack. This will give you versatility for coordinating pieces, and keeps you completely on-trend from the bottom up. Considering how it will be getting pretty chilly soon, choose high-rise boots and throw on your favorite sweater. A black jacket would be the perfect finishing piece for this color palette, if the weather allows. If you find yourself auto filling to the same looks, add some other trends into the mix! For instance, a black pair of shorts immediately provides a boho-chic feel, and a black scarf is always great when bundling up.

This trend is all about being comfortable, stylish and again, comfortable. By choosing essential pieces that you love, variations of this style could last you until things start to heat up again in the spring. High boots, a backpack, and a sweater are the ideal base for this ensemble. From there, it’s up to you to make this look your own!

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