SATISFASHION: Brighten Up Those Basics!

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Welcome to the SATISFASHION series with Sonali Nandwani, where we showcase trendy style from all campuses in town. Who knows, you might be the next fashionista in Hong Kong!

There is certainly no shortage of men’s clothing out there, with brands such as: American Eagle, GAP, Urban Outfitters and H&M updating their lines periodically. As such, finding trendy items for men is getting easier by the season. Men’s clothing has taken a more modern and free-spirited turn in the past few years, as students on campus have been seen in colourful shorts, printed basics, and day-to-night shoes for a more sophisticated, yet casual look.


There is a fellow student that I have seen walking around campus on many occasions, and his outfits always catch my attention because of how unique they are. What makes his outfits stand out is the way he manages to combine solids and basics with prints. He has opened up his wardrobe to the endless possibilities that fashion designers have created for men.


The first thing that caught my attention was that he looked really comfortable, and that is the most important thing when dressing for a long day of classes. A white t-shirt is a staple item for any guy’s wardrobe; no matter the season, colours or fabrics, a white t-shirt can be matched with almost anything. This time, however, instead of a traditional plain white-t, the student in questions was sporting one with pink swan prints on it, which looked effortlessly cool. Something as simple a pink pattern can easily make a certain style just that little bit dressier, while still maintaining it’s casual air.


To complete his look, he paired his t-shirt with a pair of green, denim shorts. I thought he made a good choice in combining the pink pattern with a bright pastel green. It looked casual, but it also demonstrated his sense of style and appreciation for colours. His black shoes complement his entire outfit because they go with every single colour, while his brown backpack adds a touch of that preppy, hipster style that some of us love to indulge in.


Want to mix and match colours and patterns and look good? It is totally easy. GAP and Banana Republic both have a set of basics which vary in colours, prints, patterns and fabrics. Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and H&M have a lot of coloured denims which  come in different cuts and silhouettes, as well. Remember, you can be casual and effortless but still be fashionable.

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