SATISFASHION: White for Wonderful

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Welcome to the SATISFASHION series with Sonali Nandwani, where we showcase trendy style from all campuses in town. Who knows, you might be the next fashionista in Hong Kong!


Finals are here, which means every SCAD student will be stressed and overwhelmed with a bunch of projects. The good thing is that the weather is beautiful, so going outside and taking a break is great for relieving stress. You can take a much needed coffee break at Pacific Coffee or have some frozen yogurt nearby. I spotted this student walking around downtown, taking a break from finals. I noticed that her outfit was casual and simple, yet fashionable. She mixed some basics with a lot of white. For instance, her striped black and white blouse along with her minimal white flats gave her outfit that effortless, casual and pretty look. I was completely drawn to how she used a lot of white in her outfit and managed to make it all look good together.


Her skinny jeans gave her blouse the perfect casual but trendy look, especially because of the distressed details and shade of blue. The white flats are also a wonderful addition to her outfit. They give the outfit a minimal touch, showing off the beauty of simplicity. The marine blue Carolina Herrera cross-body bag looks amazing with her entire look. It expresses that although this student is stressing over finals, she still manages to make a bold fashion statement.


There are so many ways to maintain a fashionable look with some basics and trendy accessories, especially when it comes to statement handbags. For those who like to be casual but fashionable at the same time, check out some amazing Carolina Herrera bags. Don’t forget to look at her new fall 2014 collection that has a lot of neutral colors and gold stripes.

Busy with school, but still want to dress appropriately and fashionable?  White minimal flats go perfectly with every single outfit. Pair them with some basic jeans, a patterned piece and neutrals to add some of the casual, but effortless look to your outfit. A statement messenger bag will go with this look as well. You can try a pastel or neutral option. So mix and match to create your own easy look!


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