How To Spend A Summer In Hong Kong

Because there is more to Hong Kong than just the Peak, Victoria Harbour and Repulse Bay.
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1)   Visit Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park for a relaxing day at one of Hong Kong’s largest grasslands. Bring a blanket, some packed lunch and a pair of sunglasses, a good book to devour and you’re all set. It’s only a short walk from Sheung Wan Exit D2, so commuting won’t be a problem.


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2)   Hike to Sai Wan and take a dip in one of the natural rockpools. The hike there is quite long, but rest assured that the destination is well worth the wait. If you get bored after a while, head down to Ham Tin Wan for a short break at the beach.



3)   Visit Kam Sheung Road MTR Station Exit B on a weekend, and experience for yourself the flea market that is a favourite amongst the locals of New Territories. There, you can find all sorts of arts and craft, local snacks and fun game stores for children. Personal favourite: frozen strawberries and pineapples.


4)   Another Kam Tin favourite: the Red Brick House. Residing there is yet another flea market, this one selling unique artefacts like scented candles, original oil paintings, Chinese furniture and interior decorations. Next to the flea market, there is a private kitchen that specialises in GuangDong cuisine- delightfully scrumptious, but be sure to book beforehand!


5)   For some cream-of-the-crop Hong Kong-style wonton noodles, be sure to drop by Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop located at Jordan, on Bowring Street. Slightly pricier than other noodle shops around Hong Kong, this shop makes up for it with their homemade soup and freshly made dumplings.


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6)   Spend an evening at Ma Wan. Whilst taking a stroll along the beach of Ma Wan, the underbelly of Tsing Ma Bridge can be seen, lit up with yellow and purple lights and providing a gorgeous foreground to the sunset.

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7)   Hire a junk for the evening. Rather than spend a day in the sun (although that in its own sense is fun), watching the sun set over the calm waters of Hong Kong and seeing the entire expanse of the city’s famous skyline is a beautiful way to end the day.



8)   Wake up and smell the flowers at Fa Hui Park, home to a wide array of plant species. Tip: pick up corsages and bouquets there for a fraction of the price that you see at boutiques along Tsim Sha Tsui and Central- and made of fresh flowers too!


9)   Looking for a place to hike and spend the night? Jockey Club Siu Tong Club is your best bet. Take a ferry from Central to Cheung Chau, followed by a short hike (~20 mins). The club offers a wide range of activities, such as archery, fishing, water sports and a BBQ at night-time. Bonus: If you visit during late summer, you might be lucky enough to catch sight of fireflies flitting about!


10) Fung Wong Shan, or more commonly known as Lantau Peak, is one of Hong Kong’s most scenic places to watch sunrise. It is the second highest peak following Tai Mo Shan, allowing for an unrestricted view of Hong Kong from above. But beware of foggy weather or dry seasons as the area is prone to low visibility and forest fires!



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